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Brand of under-cabinet lights

Nutone TV cameraNUTONE
"Who's that Knocking at My Door!"

Nutone has products that let you know exactly who's at your door – from decorative Door Chimes to Video Door Answering Systems. The Model VSUC4SK pictured above comes with drop down color monitor, fits under a kitchen cabinet and supports 2 cameras to monitor the front and back doors, is cable TV equipped, and has AM/FM radio and telephone/speakerphone capabilities. Think Nutone for style and innovation.


" Work Faster... Easier... Smarter!"

The Pull-It 3000 tool by Maxis takes the "break" out of your back. This hard-working, light-weight puller sets up in only minutes, operates at both 25ft. per minute and 100ft. per minute and will pull up to 4,000 pounds. Best of all the Maxi Pull-It 3000 requires only one person to set up and operate.

• 2 minute set-up time
• 2 pulling speeds, 25ft/min and 100ft/min

Pull-it 300 by MaxisEASIER...

• Light-weight (60 lbs.)
• One-Person setup and operate
• No need to bolt to the ground


• Quickly adapts from under- ground to overhead pulls
• Versatile, will adapt to any pull

Maxis is a leader in the development of innovative tools for the electrical industry. Talk to their reps about the advantages and applications of Maxis cable pullers.

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